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Oswego Valley ATV trails are now closed for the season. Thank you and have a safe Winter!

The Hannibal Trail from railroad bed to Dad's diner parking lot on Rt 3 is closed until further notice (this includes access to IGA for now). Please no parking at Dad's so only gas available will be in Fair Haven at Bayside or West End Express. Officers are working on obtaining new permissions from landowners. One section of land has changed hands and one landowner has revoked permissions. Please do not ride in this area until further notice.

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2016 August, September, October Newsletter

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Please note: There isn't any gas at the Rathburn Road convenience store at this time.

• We are continuing our effort in 2016 to have the Governor create a trail fund in his 2016 budget. I had sent the link below to you last year in November. I have not seen the response that we should have. So, I am writing you to PLEASE ACT NOW! Follow the link below and let the Governor know that you support it. Then, I would ask that you forward via email and Facebook it to all your club members encouraging them to sign it. If you have any questions about this please contact me. I want to know what you think. This is your State too!! Let them know we are unified. Thank You in advance for your support.

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• Support Senator Patty Ritchie’s ATV trail system bill.   Click here for details and to give your support.

N&N Redemption in Hannibal is no longer a site to purchase stickers for our trail system due to new ownership at this time. We thank Peggy and Dwayne Shepard for their past service to us in doing this. It was a great help!!

The 'Go To' person now for stickers and applications other than the website and sending in, is Mike Blasczienski. Please give him a call at 315-806-1933 for further information.

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• "Please Note" Dirt Bikes and Motorcycles are not allowed on our trails.

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