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Do you like ATV's and enjoy the outdoors? If you answered yes, download the form below (pdf) and send it in to join!

When you are obtaining a membership you must have registration and insurance on your machine. Please be able to show proof of both as needed. Unregistered ATVs/UTVs are not allowed on our trails. A major portion of our trails are owned by Cayuga & Oswego Counties (the flat rail beds). They're part of the public National Rails-to-Trails system, most of which are posted as "No Motorized Vehicles Allowed". We are one of the few ATV clubs given permission to ride Public Trails, but our contracts with the counties stipulate that registration & insurance is absolutely required. Note however that NYS honors all out-of-state registrations, so we do too.

Membership Form

Who We Are and Where to Ride

Memberships, stickers, and a parking pass are now available at Hannibal Quick Mart, 971 Cayuga St., Hannibal, NY  13074.

You can also call: Mike Blasczienski - 315 806-1933

Please note you will receive your stickers and a parking pass at this location.

As always, please be courteous to our generous sponsor when obtaining your stickers from this location

for accommodating the Club by allowing this process. Thank you.

Additionally, please contact us with any questions by sending us an email: OswegoValleyATV@hotmail.com

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