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Please remember that our September meeting will be held on Wednesday 9/3/14 at 7pm at our Club Building on Muck Road. This is an important meeting
as we are having our nominations for Officers and Board of Directors  Please try and attend to see our building and also if there is any interest in filling the two positions. President and Vice President. Your participation is paramount in the success and continuation of our great organization.  Also,  important news regarding our access into the Village of Fair Haven will be discussed.

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Members - Oswego Valley ATV Club 4th Annual Trail Benefit Ride on September 20, 2014 from 9 am to 4:30 pm. (no need for stamps on this ride). This ride is for the memory of Barry LaVoy, founding President of the All County ATV Club.

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Members - we need candidates for Officer/Board positions. Nominations are to be made at the September meeting and I have not heard from anyone interested in becoming an Officer or Director. The Club needs your support, new ideas and leadership. We only want to 'borrow' your talents for a couple years (not a lifelong committment) to help continue growing and grooming the organization. Without someone stepping forward, your club, trail network and riding opportunities are at risk of going away. Now is the time, so please think of giving your club a hand like others have done, helping us continue being a great organization....we need direct involvement and open minds - I know the right folks are out there, so please raise a hand!

As always, feel free to call with any questions and thanks for helping make this Club one of the best around.

Thanx - Phil McCann - President - Oswego Valley ATV Club

Members -

Please remember to display your parking pass when leaving vehicles at club parking sites (Dad's Diner, Fair Haven Municipal, Cato/TC's). Also, when parking at Dad's, make sure you are parking on the gravel
section, not the asphalt, as the Club's arrangement is at risk if we don't follow the rules. 

Coming attractions in the next few weeks include new waypoint signage & markers to make navigating the trail network easier, along with repairs to the Fair Haven trail to help eliminate ruts. Have an enjoyable 4th of July and hope to see you on the trails!

Thanx - Phil McCann, President

See below for ATV Raffle update!

If you observe unsafe conditions while riding, please contact Rick or any Officer / Director to report.  Remember, be safe, have fun and tread lightly!

Phil McCann - President

• ATV RAFFLE UPDATE (June 2014)  

Our ATV raffle continues and we have a lot of tickets to sell!!

We Still Need Your Help!!!! The ATV raffle is still going on and we have a ways to go. The Club will draw winners (at the latest) during September's Best Hand Ride, but we need to sell 700 more tickets to make the raffle successful for the club.  As it stands today, the fundraiser is a loser unless we get the tickets sold.  If each member were to buy or sell at least 4 more tickets themselves, we can accomplish this quickly, with a built-in assumption some of the over 400 members will still choose to do nothing. We (Officers & Board) know we're always asking the same folks for help, but let's make this event a success and make two lucky winners happy sooner than later.  If we get the tickets sold before the ride, the winners will be drawn at the next monthly meeting!  If everyone stepped up and bought or sold only two more, we'd be done in a matter of days and draw in July.  Think about it. We need your support please!!! So please, take a minute to order your tickets or tickets to sell by contacting Pat at 315-564-6619 or drop us an email at  prlunk@citlink.net. Tickets are $15.00 each and your can win a new ATV valued at $9,000 or $7,500 in cash, with a consolation prize of $1,000!!!. A big thank you to those who have already participated by purchasing or selling tickets!!!

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• "Please Note" Dirt Bikes and Motorcycles are not allowed on our trails.

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