Trail Info

Oswego Valley ATV Club offers a wide variety of terrain for our members with 38 miles of trails available at the present time. Both privately owned and county property trails are being utilized. Our trails include those that are muddy, curvy, hilly, and flat for those interested in easier or different trail riding experience. There are approximately 3 miles of muddy trails, 12 miles of wooded trails, and the remainder of trails are old railroad beds (county property trails). Food and gas are available at a variety of locations with easy access from the trails. Our club has a trail committee to maintain our trail system in good working order to insure that trails are safe and enjoyable for all. We are actively pursuing the expansion our trail system and welcome input from our members. The trails are closed during hunting season and in the winter months. For more details, please write or email us at OswegoValleyATV@hotmail.com

If you join the club, you will get a detailed map. Additional maps for 'club members only' will be $2.00. To receive a map, please email  us and arrangements will be made to get you one.


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